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The Not Impossible Foundation fuels technology

for the sake of humanity and social change through entrepreneurship, innovation and story.

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The Not Impossible Foundation was born from Not Impossible Lab’s belief in tackling the absurd through technology solutions and social change for the sake of humanity!

Harnessing the power of creative thinking to unite great ideas with the people that need them, The Not Impossible Foundation is dedicated to scaling technology-based and social change through grants, fellowships, mentorship, and collaboration. 
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Not Impossible Foundation: Change Agents

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Project Daniel

Project Daniel was born out of news story about an 11 your old double amputee living in one of the most dangerous war zones in the world!

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The EyeWriter project was the birth of Not Impossible Labs and the beginning of a movement that has changed many lives.

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Defy Hunger

Food insecurity is ramped in our Society and The Not Impossible Foundation’s “Defy Hunger” project was created to provide means for people in need!  

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