The Not Impossible Foundation would like to hear about your idea, your invention, or the absurdity you want to tackle. Please see the submission guidelines below to tell us more about you!

  • We are looking for change agents!

  • We are looking for those that think outside the box!

  • We are looking for ideas to push humanity forward through technology, social change and story!

  • You can be from any walk of life…a maker, a baker, a scientist, a student, or a person in a garage. If you have a proof-of-concept and a desire to make the world a better place, we want to hear from you!

  • We care about ideas!

  • We care about people!


Please use this form or email your submissions to
The Not Impossible Foundation Team at

Please answer these questions in your submission.

1) Tell us about you?

2) What is the absurdity you are trying to solve?

3) What is your solution? (in a nut shell….a brief overview will suffice for this form)

4) Why are you trying to solve this absurdity?

5) What motivates you?

6) What do you want from The Not Impossible Foundation?


Please note: The Not Impossible Foundation reviews submissions on a monthly basis and we will do our best to respond accordingly.  However, due to the volume of submissions we cannot always respond to all submissions.